/ Assemble expectations

Salon2060 – Antwerp

Piet Heinkade 233 Amsterdam 
02. 2017 

Ceramics, glaze, pigments, linen, scoby [symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast], turmeric and welding wire.

The installation was continuously visible behind glass as a showcase from the street and not accessible to visitors. We used this specific property of the space as a platform to create a work that would transforming during the month of display. The installation consisted of ceramic sculptures resting on heaps of white textile. The sculptures were filled with a yellow fermenting liquid and could explode, which would go on to trigger more processes such as oxidation, discoloration and molding of the white fabric.Together creating a scene, slowly transforming from a white clean space into a randomly evolving landscape of color.

In this work we explored our role as makers when creating circumstances for the materials to themselves create the final outcome of the installation. All textiles used in this project were labeled as “unusable” by a large scale laundry service for hotel sheets where we collected an re-purposed them.